Z-Smash Power



Abroz Z-Smash Power badminton racket is the new and improved version of the well-loved Nano Power Z-Smash, with upgraded features.  Abroz Z-Smash Power is built with Hyper-T Carbon HM Graphite, a cool new material on the whole racket that gives players awesome strength, durability, and top-notch performance.

The “Hyper-T” means it’s supercharged for an advanced and amazing experience on the court. This special carbon boosts your racket’s power, stability, and responsiveness, making your play even more awesome. This badminton racket is also constructed with extra performance high modulus graphite to cater for players who demand outstanding power and superior racket handling during their all-round performances.

Engineered to deliver crushing smashes, this racket boasts a dynamic Triple Power System strategically positioned at the 10, 2, and 6 o’clock areas of the head, synergizing seamlessly with its head-heavy balance. Brace yourself for an instant surge of power during smashes, empowering you to execute full swings effortlessly in the heat of short-range rallies.

  • Slim Frames on this racket translates to heightened speed, swift swing-through, and unparalleled maneuverability.
    It reduces drag on the frame during straight on swing or hit as it provides smaller flat surface for better speed and fast swing-through.
  • Designed for players seeking exceptional smashing power and great racket handling during their all-round performances.
Frame Material: Hyper-T Carbon + Extra Performance HM Graphite + Triple Power System
Shaft Material: Hyper-T Carbon + Extra Performance HM Graphite + Slim shaft
Flex: Medium
Weight: 78g +/- 2 (6U-G2)
Length: 672mm +/- 2
Max Tension: 32 lbs
Balance Point: 305mm +/- 5 (Head Heavy)
Grommet: 76
Shaft Diameter 7.1mm