Abroz XStorm 88 badminton racket is constructed with extra performance high modulus graphite to cater for players who demand outstanding power and superior racket handling during their all-round performances.

  • XStorm Power Generation System allows the racket to adapt to the unique demands of every player’s shot, therefore providing heightened drive and control. This technology empowers players to effectively spearhead their attacks with a combination of superior power and precision, all while maintaining their speed and agility. 
  • Players will experience an immediate surge in power during smashes, allowing them to execute full swings with ease, even during short range rallies.
  • This is the first Abroz racket to feature an extra slim 6.8mm shaft, designed to enhance the speed and intensity of shots. 
Frame Material: Extra Performance High-Modulus Graphite + XStorm Power Generation System
Shaft Material: High-Modulus Graphite + Extra Slim shaft
Flex: Medium
Weight: 78g +/- 2 (6U-G2)
Length: 672mm +/- 2
Max Tension: 30 lbs
Balance Point: 295mm +/- 5 (Slight Head Heavy)
Grommet: 76
Shaft Diameter 6.8mm